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Advising Nonprofits: Survival Strategies for African American Institutions
A Presentation on Mergers & Acquisitions for Nonprofits

Roy J. Rodney, Jr. sat on a panel at the 2014 NBA conference and offered advice to non-profits facing declining charitable contributions in light of the recent economic downturn. Read his eye-opening presentation, "Advising Nonprofits: Survival Strategies for African American Institutions."

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Last Stand of the Duty to Sit: Recusal in Louisiana
Roy J. Rodney, Jr. & John K. Etter, Louisiana Bar Journal Vol. 61 No. 4 (2014)

resource-last-stand"Recusal is an ancient civil law concept fundamental to democracy and due process. Prior to the 19th century, judges were allowed to preside in situations that today would almost universally be considered improper. Disqualification of judges for bias was rare, and except for those cases that contravened Sir Edward Coke’s core principle that “no man should be a judge in his own case,” only a direct financial stake in a case usually disqualified a judge. This view persisted into the 20th century..."

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